Justine bone

advisEr, board director, ceo.


Taught by the Intelligence Community. Discovered and fixed numerous software security flaws. One of the first penetration testers. Repositioned Information Security as a senior governance role. Modernized enterprise security programs by introducing cloud, automation, and biometrics. First to align financial trading models and cybersecurity incidents.

Justine Bone serves as the CEO of cyber-security company MedSec, a vulnerability research and security solutions company focused on medical devices and healthcare systems. The company made headlines when its research helped address accountability within the medical device manufacturing industry. She also currently serves on the HP Security Advisory Board.

Justine's previous roles include Global Chief Information Security Officer at Dow Jones, a News Corporation company and publisher of the Wall Street Journal, Global Head of Information and Physical Security at Bloomberg L.P., CTO of Secured Worldwide, an NYC-based FinTech company, and CEO of security research firm Immunity Inc.


Justine is an experienced international media and event presenter, winning ISACA's John Kuyers Award for Best Speaker in 2017 following a global speaking tour. She is an invited member of the BlackHat USA guest review board, a Pwnie Awards judge, and an advisor to several technology companies.

Justine began her career as a vulnerability researcher with Internet Security Systems (now IBM) X-Force and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau. She also has a background in the performing arts, as an ex-dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet company.

Assisting companies with:

  • Differentiation via transparency and investment in security in depth.

  • Building customer trust based on quality and resiliency of products and infrastructure.

  • Communicating cybersecurity strengths and challenges with investors, analysts and the media.

  • Alternative vulnerability management and vulnerability research.